Wassup? So I was in Berlin a few weeks ago (yes, again) and took some pics (as usual). This summer was indeed an all analouge summer. And Yes you are safe to assume that I am broke as hell now and that I spent hours scanning pictures. But yea that’s fun so whatever right? But I still don’t get why shooting film is so expensive, even though a lot of people started shooting film again. #makeshootingfilmgreatagain

So who them beautiful and cool people on those photos huh?

Bild (211)

  “Hi can I take your picture?” “yea.” ( I sadly do not know his name )

Bild (209)Bild (210)

Don’t know his name either but he was just sitting there bumping his mixtape and being totaly happy with himself and his life. I aspire to reach this level of satisfaction. I bought his mixtape, because you should always support great artists.

Bild (208)

   Just an ordinary man peing in the corner, nothing unusual.

Bild (177)Bild (178)Bild (179)Bild (180)Bild (181)Bild (182)

And I don’t know his name either. I was too shy to ask him for his name but not shy enough to ask if I could take a pic (?).

Bild (168)Bild (169)Bild (170)

I know his name. It’s Joshua. He sure got some sick skating skills. Check out his instagram.

Bild (213)Bild (212)Bild (172)Bild (173)Bild (171)Bild (176)

 Some Mauerpark flicks.

Bild (207)

I don’t know their name, but they offered me some of their sunflower seeds.

Bild (230)Bild (229)Bild (221)Bild (219)Bild (217)Bild (198)Bild (188)Bild (194)

                                              The beautiful sisters Nisa and Mina.


Bild (189)Bild (192)Bild (190)Bild (191)Bild (195)Bild (196)Bild (187)Bild (186)Bild (204)Bild (203)Bild (201)Bild (202)Bild (205)Bild (184)Bild (185)Bild (183)Bild (193)Bild (200)Bild (199)Bild (215)Bild (225)Bild (227)Bild (218)

 Was nice meeting both of you.

Bild (237)Bild (234)Bild (232)Bild (235)

Alina and Sika. Hope to see both of y’ou soon again.

Bild (262)Bild (261)Bild (263)Bild (264)Bild (258)Bild (260)Bild (259)

Some random dude with mad rope skipping skills. His name is Kengo.

Thanks for reading (and supporting) so far.



Hi everyone reading this.

I really have been thinking about putting up a post like this for a long time now, because it´s not just a topic that only affects me but also others.

So what is body positivity?

What does it mean to be self confident?

Are you self concious about the way you look?

I think a lot of people underestimate the pressure that is generated by the industry and society upon young peoples self reflection. All the time we are told that we have to look a certain way to “look good”.We are told that women need to be feminine and petite and should have long hair on the top of their head but nowhere else. This is not only a problem women or young girls face, but also men and younger boys. Society tells them that they have to be masculine, groom a beard, have muscles etc. With that bunch of things being expectet we try to fit in. So resulting from that, being different and not fitting in, is wrong.

How often do you hear someone say “I am so fat” or “I am so ugly” etc. ? I for myself decided, that now the time of criticizing my features and the way I look, is over. Seriously, what do we gain from it? The goal is to not let anyone or anything influence the way you see yourself. The goal is to preach self love and to be confident with your own body. Only if you learn to accept yourself with all your imperfections and flaws, you are getting closer towards a state of complete self-appreciation and self love. We should really stop counting our flaws and start appreciating ourslelves more. Being confident does not mean being stuck up, loving your reflction in the mirror is not wrong, calling yourself pretty is not arrogant.

So whether you may think that not having a thigh gap is a bad thing, or not having clear skin is ugly, or not having perfect eyebrows makes your face look less good, you are wrong. Those are your features and you should be proud of them (but if you think plastic surgery makes you feel good/better about youself,then go for it).Just do you without having any second thoughts caused by your own body image.

You want to wear that skin thight dress? Go for it.

You feel more comfortable in baggy clothes? Wear them.

As long as you feel good about yourself and the way you look, just do whatever you want to do.

Have a blessed day (and love yourself)

Thanks for reading


hi everyone

This seems to be my very first Blog post and I’ve never done something like this before lol. Guess I’ll kind of grow into this. This Blog will be a storage for all the pictures I take and from time to time I’ll just write random things about me and my life and the things I be doin’.