Skate park session pt.2

Yo wassup people

So as you may tell I’m back from Istanbul, a few pounds heavier, but I’m here again and who tf actually cares bout weight ( the people weighing your baggage at the airport do lol ). 

Anyways I had a great time being there and was shooting film the whole time to capture the real feeling and atmosphere of the city, I just hope they turn out well. So stay tuned for the analogue madness ( I’m still working on the name ).

This skatepark is like one of the best locations I’ve ever came a cross. And I am slowly running out of good locatins so that was also a reason for me to pull up to the same spot again ( for the third time now ). This was a YOUNG PICASSOS x MOUBSEN session. Sadly the trio wasn’t there shooting together, it was just Kc and me. But we still managed to get some nice shots, even though the weather wasn’t playing along as usual.

We planned doing this session with Moubsen, the infamous munich streetstyle blogger, for a long time actually. But everytime you plan on doing something and already have some specific visions in your head it never turns out the way you expected it to be. But this is what it’s all about – the moment. Making the best out of your surroundings while using every bit of the moment you are given. ( I hope this don’t sound too corny lol).

Anyways I hope you enjoyed the post and the now following pictures.

Just make sure to check out his blog too and check out trulsblog.

As always, have a great and bessed day.

fuego is out.































You may already know that RamziKc and I shoot together most of the time and now we got a cool name (thanks to Kc’s creative mind).

There were some nice candids that haven’t been posted on social media yet so I decided to do that now.

These pictures were taken on two different days, the last session was with my super intelligent and super great friend Ilaaf (I hope she starts a blog soon too, you’d be impressed by her content) and Johanna .

On the first sessions our vision kinda failed lol.  We wanted to take pictures of Ramzi laying in the grass with flowers in his hair but this vision failed badly. This set of pictures turned out really funny looking . Ramzi prepare yourself to get these candids on a birthday card this year when you turn 20.

The second session on friday was planned not so well because of me being a bit overwhelmed with school and life rn lol. But we still made it work somehow thanks to Ilaaf’s genius mind.

Anyways I hope you still enjoy these pictures.

Bye for now and thanks for reading.






I had a McSundae on a trap sunday

“I had a McSundae on a trap sunday”

This creative caption did not originate from my mind as you may guess. Shout out to Kaan for helping me out on this one.

That Sunday I’m  referring to as  trap sunday started out kinda boring and seemed to be getting even more boring. But later that day the gang met up, consisting of Tito , Niko , Ilaaf, Akin and Kaan. Like everytime nothing was planned well and we had difficulties finding each other but as soon as we got together you could tell that this would be a sunday worth calling lit. And ofc without trap music and asian food and McSundaes (this time their ice cream machine worked, I was amazed) this wouldn’t be a real trap sunday.

Not to forget to mention we had a lil session, that means Kaan and I took some pics. I can’t stop appreciating the looks and gorgeous faces of the people I shoot with. Mark my words one day one of my friends will be signed.

Again, no illegal things were done that day.

Thank you for reading ( shout out to the people that actually read my posts and build with me, love ya).




leaking nudes


We had a kind of spontaneous session with Ramzi, his brother, Kaan (aka  kc, check out his instagram it’s lit) and another friend of them. It’s still freezing cold at this time in Germany and this dude really took of his shirt for the pics. He needed the pictures for a model agency or something like that, he was satisfied with the shots . But I still find myself not being completely happy with my work, no matter what I do I am always my biggest critic. But yeah. Anyways we took some nice shots until the memory card didn’t got any free space left. Tbh that made me a bit sad because I know a ton of potential photo sesh locations where we could have also taken some shots. But there is still a lot yet to come in the future, stay tuned people.

Again, another post I did not write at 4AM.

This is going really well.

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